My name is Brian.  I’ve been a software architect at a large telecommunications company for over ten years.  I like to consider myself a writer, but sadly I rarely write.  I am out of practice, and that is the primary reason you are reading this.  Comatose Ramblings is my blog, obviously.   It was created mainly as a place to empty my thoughts.

My writing is mainly creative, normally poetry.  However, I do sometimes attempt to express thoughts through other mediums.  My interests are numerous, but I tend to focus on movies, music, books, religion and Jesus.

I sometimes use the pseudonym Comatose Soul.  This is actually the title of a Michael Knott song released in 2002.  This is the chorus:

i wish i had hands
i wish i had hands to heal this life
and i wish i had strings
i wish i had strings to tie high
this comatose soul

While I maintain this blog more for personal growth and sanity, I do hope you find it enjoyable.  I’m always open to a good conversation and your comments are often very encouraging!