New toy…

I’ve talked about it for years, but I finally broke down and bought a camera (using up all of my birthday and Christmas gift cards:)

Here are a couple of other random photos I took today (1st day with it.)

Bella #1

Bella #2
My Desk


2 thoughts on “New toy…

  1. Was a combination of price/package/features…

    I pretty much looked at everything. I wound up getting the body, 18-55mm lens,55-250mm lens, bag, extra battery and uv filter in the package. From what I’ve read Canon has the best lens choices (Nikon are suppose to be good, but not many mid-range options.) I liked some of the Nikons, but the main equivalent was the D5000 and it had 1 factory recall and a power issue that would prevent it from powering on (Nikon fixes them, but wanted to avoid the hassle.)

    I bounced back and forth from low-end to high end options. Been looking at them for almost three years now. I like having 12.2mp, the telephoto lens, a high-res display (although its not adjustable like some.) On the whole, the Canon Rebel XSi was getting the best reviews as well. I was looking at Amazon, Best Buy, and CNet reviews. The differences are probably negligible in the end, but I’m happy so far.

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