American jesus

Abandon the orphan.
Abandon the widow.
We have wars to win.
The world needs our democracy.
The world needs our moral supremacy.
The world needs our American jesus.

Plastic white figurines,
bleeding red, white and blue.

Abandon our friendships.
Abandon our feelings.
We have lives to save.
The world needs our moral checklists.
The world needs our religious marketing.
The world needs our American jesus.

Creative idolatry,
building pretty facades.

Blow up all the clinics.
Blow up all the faggots.
The world wants our hypocrisy.
The world wants our righteous indignation.
The world wants our American jesus.

Show me the humility,
show me the humanity,
show me the divinity,
show me the truth behind our fantasies.


6 thoughts on “American jesus

  1. Have you heard Jars of Clay’s song, “Oh My God”? Your poem reminded me. Actually, I’ve been thinking about it already. It’s the same mindset that says American history is so important for us to study in school. Like America has the corner on the market on every good thing… General MacArthur called for missionaries to go to Japan once we began to occupy that country post World War II. The Japanese society, suffering a demoralizing defeat it had deemed impossible, was ripe for hope and answers. But not nearly as many missionaries went as needed. Do you think that is because we did things in the wrong order, or because we weren’t doing anything right?

  2. That is a beautifully haunting song. I love it.I absolutely love the freedoms I have, where I live, and everything that comes with it; I am blessed. But it does seem like an overwhelming majority are American’s first before anything else, and I can not help but think that this blind patriotism is missing the mark.Maybe the missionaries were simply struggling with a mixed message? Luckily I have never gone to war myself, but I marvel at the complexities involved in killing your enemy while loving them. I am not sure the two can coexist? Maybe the lack of missionaries was a testament to the difficulties in moving from one mindset to the other?

  3. Do you have any of Webbs’ CDs? Good Stuff? Someone was quoting some of that song in our Sunday School class yesterday – good times!

  4. Can you say “Word” after anything you agree with? Can you say it at the end of something you say yourself? Is it short for “preach the word,” like “preach it, brother!”? Is it Christian? Or are its origins secular? Anyway, loving this poem: Word. To God be all glory, Lisa of Longbourn

  5. Thank you!I think ‘word’ has an urban background, and is probably way out of style, but I continue to use it. Sometimes you can use it as a question as well.Word?Really?

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