American jesus

Abandon the orphan.
Abandon the widow.
We have wars to win.
The world needs our democracy.
The world needs our moral supremacy.
The world needs our American jesus.

Plastic white figurines,
bleeding red, white and blue.

Abandon our friendships.
Abandon our feelings.
We have lives to save.
The world needs our moral checklists.
The world needs our religious marketing.
The world needs our American jesus.

Creative idolatry,
building pretty facades.

Blow up all the clinics.
Blow up all the faggots.
The world wants our hypocrisy.
The world wants our righteous indignation.
The world wants our American jesus.

Show me the humility,
show me the humanity,
show me the divinity,
show me the truth behind our fantasies.



I am tired –
and the fog floats above the street softly.
A sporadic breeze disturbs the settled snow,
exhaust trails my car like a tail.

I step outside –
and the cold night air greets me gently.
The fog calms my scattered thoughts,
I pause in the center of life.