my voice, silent.
my heart, screaming.

bounce between the walls
of long empty rooms

my eyes, open.
my mind, looking.

fading in and out
dance all around me

can you hear the silence?
does it touch you?
move you?

can you see the shadows?
do they hurt you?
scare you?

are you even there,
or did i drift into a dream?


4 thoughts on “dream?

  1. so im picturing this abandoned empty house that was once full of life and wondering if u mean some place and time or something else..

    i also like how the ending just lingers unanswered – like so many questions in this life.

  2. ever c that movie with the anakin guy about being put under anesthesia only to not go fully down and hear a plot against his life? it seemed creepy in an interesting way but i never got around to seeing it.

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